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im done wit this fuckin BULLSHIT. i cant fuckin take it. im getting the fuck out of here.

Staring at myself in the mirror and I can’t stop saying “oh my god I’m so fucking blown”

Sometimes I wish I would have just ended it all a long time ago. With time it just makes it harder to do. I want so bad for it to be over; but I don’t know if I can do it. And I really do feel this way. I’m not going to do it. But sometimes I think it’s why I do the things I do. It’s the reason I sell drugs. It’s the reason I hang around the “wrong people.” It’s the reason I do everything bad in my life because I just hope that someone else will end it for me. I don’t want to fucking be here anymore. I really fucking don’t.

Relationship advice

Treat her right. Fuck her hard.
All a woman wants.


pocket change fell out in the dryer again whoops